All Reliable Discussion on Selling / Buying Online Business To Be Brought Under One Roof

Southgate, London (PRWEB) April 11, 2012 is merging with the business forum, consolidating its position as the premier one-stop shop for entrepreneurs wishing to discuss and learn about buying and selling online businesses.

The non-profit forum at is where buyers, sellers, brokers, and other professionals congregate to exchange ideas, share knowledge of current industry practices, and make business contacts. The only other comparable location of note was at, a community focused upon flipping (purchaseimprovementresale) of online businesses. In April 2012, the two forums will merge at to create a unified resource for entrepreneurs seeking to sell their businesses, for investors looking to make acquisitions, and for business professionals to learn about opportunities in buying, selling, and improving websites, blogs and other online properties.

Clinton Lee, owner of the forum, explains: When we started as a non-profit forum a little over two years ago, it quickly became the single largest concentration of professionals on website purchasing, sales, and improvement. Our members cover the whole world and the whole gamut of online business expertise.

Our competitors either shut down or gradually faded away. remained the only other discerning forum with intelligent discourse built around this subject. This content and community is now being merged into, adding to our already significant body of knowledge.

Lee points out that Internet businesses continue to prosper despite the current bleak global economic climate. Business owners and experienced investors are aware that established online businesses have great value, are resilient enough to survive when local brick and mortar business cannot, and maintain consistent profitability better than offline stores. They also recognize that acquisition of an online business is one of the quickest routes to growth. As a result, interest in buying online businesses is increasing exponentially. Astute owners of high-traffic websites are cashing in on the demand and selling their websites, blogs, mailing lists, apps and other online assets, while even more are entering new markets to expand their reach and capture market share. helps them keep abreast of latest developments with their fellow industry leaders.

But what of the less astute newcomers? They need look no further than, says Lee. Everything the online entrepreneur needs to expand their knowledge is now under one roof, at one web location, for an international audience. This will be of enormous benefit to the industry and all its players.

And, best of all, it’s free to the end user free to join, and free from advertising and sponsorship. We believe it’s the only way to be absolutely sure of unbiased integrity in all our online discussions.


The non-profit forums at are the single, primary resource for discussion of building, purchase, and sales of online business. It is a spin off from the original information only online business site. Run by volunteers, the site helps entrepreneurs seeking to sell their businesses, investors looking to make acquisitions, business professionals expanding their operations, and those seeking help in understanding available opportunities to make money online. Access to information and astute discussion between experienced businesspeople across global industries is free to registered members, with no charges for premium content. The discussion forums do not even display advertising, so as not to bias discussion and opinion.

Some of the main subjects of discussion at

How to find potential online businesses for acquisition
Conducting due diligence on websites prior to purchase
Valuation of various websites, including ecommerce sites and blogs
The main marketplaces, and how best to use them
Contracts and legal concerns for both buyers and sellers
The best ways to effectively buy or sell an online business
Monetization methods, how websites make money, various online business models
Completing transactions safely, including transfer of virtual property and intellectual property rights was founded in January 2010 and is the premier online community for discussion on buying and selling online businesses.


Housetrader Limited Launches Online Property Portal In To The Market

(PRWEB UK) 11 April 2012

Two Manchester based, Lancaster-born entrepreneurs have launched an online property portal to help individuals save thousands of pounds when buying or selling a house.

The online portal enables individuals to sell their house privately, avoiding excessive estate agency fees and putting them in control of negotiations and viewings.

Shaun Coulthwaite (28), managing director and close friend Neil Arkwright (28), operations director of Housetrade, recently set up the online business initially focusing on Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire. linkwheel . The pair have continued to work on other projects whilst setting up the business in order to invest in its development and to expand into other geographical areas.

Coulthwaite says: In the current environment, the property market has become increasingly stagnant. People simply cant afford to move house or get on the property ladder.

The number of unsold houses on the market has reached its highest level in two years and with the average UK asking price discount now at

Buyers Attracted to Online Auction of a Unique, Bank-Owned Land Parcel near Columbus Central Business District

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) April 11, 2012

This real estate auction, featuring a development site of approximately 43 acres, sits on the westerly side of Grove City, which is considered one of the faster growing suburbs of the City of Columbus. About 8 miles southwest of the Columbus Central Business District, this development site is located directly across from the Central Crossing School Complex (Central Crossing High School and Holt Crossing Intermediate School) and South-Western Career Academy near the intersection of Holt Road and Big Run South Road.

The zoning on this bank-owned property is split; CPD (Commercial Planned Development) for the frontage and multi-family for the rear portion, affording itself to a unique development opportunity of retail shopping and apartments or condominiums.

Attracting much interest from local homebuilders, developers and real estate investors, the online auction on the Freedom Realty Exchange ( delivers a fair and competitive online bidding process which will bring true market value to the property and the seller.

The inventory levels of similar land is high, but when a seller such as this bank steps up and sets a minimum bid well below market value, its hard for buyers to ignore, states Ryan Devin with the auction company.

As an alternative choice to a traditional real estate sale, online auctions can be particularly effective for financial institutions that want to, or need to, get the inventory off their books quickly and believe that the auction creates a trading platform bringing buyer and seller together in such a way that fair market value is realized. Evident by the minimum bid of $ 499,000, less than $ 12,000 per acre, the bank is very motivated to sell.

We have had a good response from interested parties, mostly local builders and investors, but also some from out of state, who see the upside in purchasing at a discount, waiting until the market turns and then being in a great position to take advantage of it, states Devin.

As with all of auctions on the Freedom Realty Exchange website, property research, due diligence and bidding are conducted completely online, removing the inconvenience and unwanted pressure that comes with a traditional outcry auction. Interested buyers can access property documents and auction details by visiting Bids must be submitted by April 26th.

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Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) October 18, 2011, a leading retailer of luxury bathroom furniture and accessories, is proud to announce that finding the perfect bathroom vanity, accessories and furniture for a bathroom renovation or new home has become a little bit easier with the introduction of dozens of new products online and in its showrooms. The merchandise includes bathroom vanities from Fresca and La Toscana, linen cabinets from Fresca, mirrors from D

Online Innovations Threaten Traditional Real Estate Model

Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) March 16, 2012

The Real Estate Helpers did it again. The real estate company is known for its unique and innovative practices. These unconventional methods certainly seem to be working as evidenced by the number of successes they’ve achieved when pitted against traditional real estate agents. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding, and the latest results are in, showing that The Real Estate Helpers has once again trumped the competition and sold a historic house for more than was expected. It was just 6 days using only the Internet.

When the owners of the historic house announced they were selling, a deluge of local real estate agents naturally showed interest in handling the sale. They all wanted a minimum of $ 14,000 upfront for advertising costs. The bulk of this money would have been wasted on print media or newspaper advertising, The Real Estate Helpers company head Lloyd Jenman points out. “Agents love to demand upfront advertising budgets because local newspaper advertising is how they promote their agency – the more advertising agents do, the more successful they’ll look”. French Provincial Kitchens . In effect, newspaper advertising benefits real estate agents more than home sellers.

The owners of the property wanted a stress-free sale and would rather not to do an auction; however, all the local real estate agents recommended auction as their preferred method of sale. The owners were also uncomfortable with the idea of having their home open for inspection as they didn’t want strangers wandering through their home. This indicated that they were not enthusiastic about the common way agents conduct their work.

Something that the owners did, which was very helpful to their undertaking, was to get a valuation before listing their property for sale. This spared them the trouble of dealing with real estate agents who usually resorted to over-quoting the likely selling price of a house just to win the business.

In comparison with the local agents, The Real Estate Helpers people offered options that were more appealing to the clients. For instance, they recommended private inspections, which were done by appointment only. More importantly, they didn’t ask the owners to pay any money for advertising. They were to be paid for results, offering clients a rock-solid guarantee. “If our clients are not happy with our performance they can terminate our authority with 7 days notice in writing. We don’t need to lock clients in to long contracts because we know that if we’re always doing the right thing by them, they will stay with us”, Jenman avers. “Traditional real estate offices lock their clients in for long periods of time, which is typically a minimum of 90 days, and when sellers finally can leave, they often don’t because they’ll be forced to pay a big advertising bill.”

The advertising angle adopted by The Real Estate Helpers, which breeds the finest real estate agents Melbourne has ever produced, was also a stroke of genius. “We advertised the fact that the property was ‘built for the first chemist in Hawthorn’. This is important because the buyers are chemists who own and run a local pharmacy”, Jenman explains.

In this case The Real Estate Helpers quoted buyers a higher ‘buy-it-now’ price, rather than a low ‘bait’ price most real estate agents use to hook buyers. This pricing strategy worked well for the cautious home sellers. Within a few days they had five buyers come back for a second inspection, and on the sixth day, the property was sold.

VFM Leonardo and Webjet Partner to Give Online Hotel Shoppers a Richer Experience

Toronto, Canada & Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) December 07, 2011

VFM Leonardo, technology and online media company for the global hospitality industry, today announced an agreement with Australia and New Zealands largest online travel agent, Webjet Limited (ASX: WEB) to provide hotel visual media and media display technology for its online travel products.

Under the agreement, VFM Leonardo will provide Webjet with a pop-up version of the VPowered Multi-Media Player which will host and display images for hotels listed on Webjets sites. This turn-key solution to image management and display will provide Webjet with the most comprehensive database of hotel images and fresh updates from hotels and chains. This customized version will allow Webjet customers to view comprehensive, dynamic, multi-media content, complete with hotel images, videos and 360

Billionaire Tech Investor Mark Cuban Backs Popular Online Property

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) December 13, 2011

Popular entertainment site,, announced today that high-tech billionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, is joining the company as an investor and advisor.

Launched in February of this year, is already one of the fastest growing online entertainment properties for teens and young adults across North America. The site attracts millions of visitors every month, and its social media clout makes it one of the most viral brands online with over 400,000 followers on Twitter and over 250,000 fans on Facebook.

The site is based on bite-sized brotips that users read, post and forward to their friends, which propels each tip to spread virally across users social networks. Brotips are written in a unique narrative and voice and cover topics such as dating, school, friends and bromance. Essentially, Brotips has taken a large, niched and non-inclusive culture and redefined it, says Yousef Khraibut, Co-Founder and President of Brotips. Unlike traditional bro media, the site has built its reputation and following by redefining the bro from the traditional alpha-male jock to instead represent a gender-neutral outlook on the everyday havocs of life. no deposit slots .

In the sites earlier days, tips were almost always written by the founders; however, with the growing community of visitors, a larger number of the tips are now user-submitted and moderated by the Brotips team.

The real kicker and often a surprise to those who follow the brand is that the sites founders are under 20 years old and yet have developed a brand and online property that extends across demographic and geographic bounds

This investment from Mark will enable the team to focus on increasing the brands clout as well as further develop the business for licensing, ad partnerships and other opportunities. The Brotips brand and its growing clout online makes it an attractive property with a number of viable opportunities ahead of it, said Cuban.

The company also recently signed with one of the worlds largest talent and literary agencies out of New York on a prospective book deal as well as initiated early discussions with the firms LosAngeles team for a potential TV show based on the brand.

For the young founders, who remain out of the spotlight as much as possible, this is only the beginning, with plenty of good things ahead.

For media inquiries, contact media(at)brotips(dot)com.


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Register by February 6th to save $100 on Early Bird Rates for Online Revealed, Canadas Leading Digital Marketing and Tourism Conference March 5-7 in Toronto

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) February 03, 2012

The 2-day conference focused on marketing tourism online will once again be held in Toronto at the Sheraton Centre Hotel in conjunction with the Hotel Association Marketing Conference, bringing together thought leaders and innovators in marketing tourism online.

Now in its 7th year, Online Revealed is attended and supported by such brands as Travelzoo, Travelodge, Google, Facebook and more. With a mandate to educate and support the Canadian travel industry including Hotels, Hotel Brands, Destination Marketing Organizations, suppliers and attractions. Online Revealed continues to evolve to bring attendees the most relevant and up to date trends and tactics to support the ever evolving digital medium and reveal insights into what the tourism industry can expect next in marketing travel online.

We know that the success of the Conference is due the commitment from the industry to continue to evolve with the changes in Digital Marketing said Patricia Brusha, Co-founder of Online Revealed and A Couple of Chicks e-Marketing. As such our focus has remained on building good content and attracting innovative and inspirational topics and speakers. We we are excited to kick off this years conference with Nikki Germany, Head of Travel at Google Canada, and Steve Irvine, Senior Business Leader at Facebook Canada, with a special Q&A panel lead by Tom Gierasimczuk, Editor-in-Chief for Marketing Magazine.

The 2011 conference was attended by over 500 travel industry professionals including CEOs, Marketing and Sales Directors, Revenue Managers, Digital Community managers and Brand Directors. The conference is expected once again to be a sell out with Early Bird Pricing still available until February 6. Visit to register.

About Online Revealed

The Online Revealed tourism marketing conference provides travel and tourism professionals with unique and innovative online marketing education, with an agenda that includes educational workshops, keynotes and panel discussions, all driven by the industry for the industry. The event is produced by leading online marketing firm, A Couple of Chicks e-Marketing, in association with Big Picture Conferences. Online Revealed Canada is also home to the 2nd annual Google Digital Tourism Marketing awards. Visit for more information.